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Newsletter to SEO Pages - $150

I’ve realized we don’t get enough value out of our newsletters. So I’ve started generating programmatic SEO pages for my blog that points back to the newsletter as a way to drive traffic to the newsletter and get people to sign up. I’ll give you a Notion database of generated content focused on answering high-intent questions, leading to more traffic, more subscribers, and ultimately, more clients for you.

AI-Native Business Report - $2500

Are you using AI to supercharge your productivity? If not, why not? In this, I’ll meet with you for an hour to get an understanding of your business and where you can be more efficient. Then I’ll write up a report on where you can be more effective, more efficient, and do so while still maintaining the human element of your business - helping your clients. Finally, we’ll get together for another hour, where I’ll go over the report with you, answer any questions you have, and make suggestions on what you should do first. More Info

AI-Native Business Transformation - $depends

Maybe you don’t want to do the work yourself to update your processes or maybe you just don’t have time to learn. Based on the outcome of the report, I’ll implement some or all of the suggestions I make, monitor their outcomes, and adjust as needed. Price depends on the work needed. Will put price of implementing each suggestion in the report I provide.

Coaching - $1500/month or package deals available

I do have a couple of spots open for coaching clients. I coach experts who want to expand their influence online. My specialty is in helping experts overcome their neurodivergent instincts to maximize the amount of impact they can have and scale their knowledge to the world. More details here.
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